About the Author & Illustrator

Dana Orr grew up near Valley Forge, PA.  She is the sixth of seven children born of loving, fruitful parents.

Dana lives in North Carolina with her love at first sight,  best friend and partner in all things in life, Bill.  Together with God they have produced four little fruitful friends of their own.  They also homeschool their four amazing children, who have been the inspiration for this concept.  In their free time, they enjoy doing anything that keeps them together:  being involved in their local church community, being physically active, preparing healthy foods, and  traveling to visit family and friends.

Dana has been expressing herself by writing simple poetry ever since she can remember.  She prays that you and those whom you love will be blessed by being part of the growing Fruitful Friends community.  Love, joy and peace to you all!

Ellen Abramo grew up in South Carolina, where she was raised by her parents and older brother!   From them she learned about faith in God and a love for education and the arts.

Ellen is married to her college sweetheart, Don, and together they have four blessings (two girls and two boys).   They now reside in Pennsylvania. 

In addition to illustrating, Ellen loves to lead in singing at church, write original songs, and spend time with her family.  She hopes you enjoy getting to know the Fruitful Friends and grow with them as they learn how to love the way Jesus taught us.  May God bless you all!